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Leckwith development

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Coordinates: 51°27′50″N 3°11′56″W / 51.464°N 3.199°W / 51.464; -3.199The Leckwith development is in the Leckwith area of southern Cardiff, Wales. Work started in Autumn 2007 with the construction of a new stadium for Cardiff City F.C. and Cardiff Blues.


The proposal

The project consists of:

Completion of the development was planned for Spring 2010.

Three way land-swap

To complete the deal, it involved a simple land-swap arrangement of existing facilities across three sites:

  • Cardiff Council gave a nominal 125year lease to Cardiff City on a 40acre block of land, on which the former Cardiff Athletics Stadium stood
  • Cardiff City agreed to build a new athletics stadium on a further 20acre council owned plot north of the existing site
  • On completion of the new athletics stadium, Cardiff City gained the 125 year rent-free lease. On half of the land they developed the new Cardiff City stadium and retail park
  • The residual 20acres would be used for development of the new Glamorgan Records office (at the cost of the council), a hotel (build by the football club, which they could lease off) and the community sports facility House of Sport (built at the cost of football club, run by the council). If the football club failed to complete House of Sport development by December 2009, then the lease on the hotel would forfeit to the council
  • The football club once the stadium had moved could sell the land of the former Ninian Park stadium for housing redevelopment

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen issues in construction across the two council owned sites, the football club incurred additional costs. This initially resulted in an agreement to lapse the development of the House of Sport until December 2010. In January 2009, with Cardiff City facing a winding-up order due to an outstanding £2.7M bill to HMRC, the club asked the council for permission to sell the residual 20acres to a developer.[2]

Capital Retail Park

The Capital Retail Park or Capital Shopping in Leckwith, started building at the end of 2007 and originated from the idea of a new stadium for Cardiff City FC. The retail development has total of 18 retail units including Costco, Asda and M&S Home. It was completed Spring 2009 but some units still remain unoccupied.

The tenants are:

Unit(s)Unit SizeBusinessOpenedCurrent StatusNotes
1 & 212,500 m2CostcoJune 2008Open
Costco Tyre Centre
35,100 m2AsdaJuly 2008Open
4930 m2Next HomeNovember/December 2008Open
5SCSSeptember 2008Open
64,600 m2M&S HomeSpring 2009Open
M&S Simply FoodSpring 2009Open
7ATo Let
7BTo Let
7CSmythsOctober 2008Open
8A700 m2Mamas and PapasApril 2009Open
8B700 m2HobbycraftOctober 2008Open
8CTo Let
9DW SportsSeptember 2009OpenJJB Sports, November 2008 - September 2009
DW Fitness ClubSeptember 2009OpenJJB Fitness Club, November 2008 - September 2009
The Pod
10ALadbrokesMay/June 2009Open
10BGreggsMay/June 2009Open
10CSubwayMay/June 2009Open
10DGameMay/June 2009Open
10ECosta CoffeeMay/June 2009Open

McDonalds will open a new restaurant unit in the retail park by May 2010, the company has announced.

Boots were also on the original list, however they have not officially signed up yet. It is believed that they will rent the 7A and 7B units.

Matalan were named in an original planning application, but pulled out in March 2005[3].

Cardiff City Stadium

Inside Cardiff City Stadium

The new stadium has 26,828 seats[1] and has been to both Cardiff City F.C. and Cardiff Blues rugby union club since the 2009-2010 season. The stadium has been officially opened and special events for both the Bluebirds and Cardiff Blues have been held. It is the second largest stadium in Cardiff and also Wales (the largest being the Millenium Stadium). Land clearance started on 21 February 2007. The total cost for the stadium was £29,000,000. Major construction firm, Laing O'Rourke was contracted for the whole development.

Cardiff International Sports Stadium

File:Cardiff Amateur Athletic Club.JPG
The main stand of Cardiff International Sports Stadium

The new athletics stadium, built to replace the previous Cardiff Athletics Stadium which was demolished to make room for the new rugby and football stadium. Construction started in March 2007. The athletics stadium is the only part of the development to not be built by the main contractor, Laing O'Rourke and instead individual contractor, Cowlin Construction.[4] The stadium will include a gym, meeting rooms, and several offices, which should be compleed in the new year. Members of the public are now permitted to come and watch the events that are taking place on the track or field in the now completed stand. The track and field are now open for public use.

Glamorgan Record Office

The new Glamorgan Record Office, currently based in the Glamorgan Building, King Edward VII Avenue in Cathays Park, Cardiff, will move to a new site, behind the new rugby and football stadium. The facility will be 4,500m2 and will store enough paper records that the shelves themselves could stretch to around 15 km. The building will include conference space for workshops, lectures and school groups as well as facilities for visitors to search for records and other research and a modern paper conservation studio where visitors can see how original records are appropriatey stored and experience record restorals.

Leckwith and Droves allotments and city farm

The allotments, located on Bessemer Road have been caught in the middle of the whole development. Cardiff Council originally planned for the retail park to be built on the current site of the allotments. The older plots, which were then unused were covered in rock, which was then ground into smaller pieces, in early 2008. This still remains there and the rock will be used for the Leckwith development and will also be transported into Cardiff City Centre for the St. David's 2 shopping development.

The plans later showed that the development would be moved slightly further away. The retail park now rests on the previous city farm site. Some of the currently occupied allotments, however still face demolition if the planned Academy of Sport goes ahead.

The unused plots at the entrance to the allotments will soon be the site for a new community centre for disabled children and people with learning disabilities, run by Cardiff-based charity, Vision 21. This development was accepted by Cardiff Council on 20 October 2008, in their most recent development control announcements.[5]. This site will include a café, garden centre with a lot at the rear, and a small shop. For local businesses and residents, there will be offices and meeting rooms. The plans also show an energy saving centre and backpackers' overnight accommodation.

Ninian Park

Demolition of Ninian Park
The Grandstand
The roof of the Grandstand coming down
Spar Family Stand
Grange End

The stadium was handed over to Redrow Homes by Cardiff City chairman Peter Ridsdale on 10 September 2009. Redrow will build 142 new homes on the site, but it will still be known as Ninian Park.[6] It is proposed at the centre of the new housing development will be a planted square, in the area of Ninian Park’s centre spot.[6] It is also possible that street names of Cardiff City legends are being considered, though this is yet to be decided.[6] The first show home of the £24m development will be opened by late spring 2010. The housing will be a mixture of terraced, detached and semi-detached houses.[6]

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