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List of Heartbeat episodes (series 6-10)

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The following is a list of episodes for series 6 through 10 of the ITV police drama Heartbeat.


Series Six (1996)

62"Kids"1 September 1996 Nick's pursuit of an escaped prisoner leads him into a more complex case. Greengrass becomes the school lollipop man, but his new job is soon put in jeopardy.

NOTE: This is the first episode of a new series after a 37 week break.

Guest Stars: Andrew Abrahams (2) as Chairman, Maureen Lunt as Sister Green, Ken Kitson as Waiter Pettigrew, Jeni McKain as Lizzy McGowan, Sean Scanlan as Arnold McGowan, Ian Michie as Derek Ramsey, Julie Graham as Dorothy McGowan, Mary Healey (1) as Mrs Watkins

63"Old Colonials"8 September 1996 Nick's job intrudes on his social life when news of an antiques theft interrupts a date. Greengrass's nephew turns up with a business proposition for him.

Guest Stars: Rosie Chambers as Annie Ruane, Victoria Williams as Sue Shepherd, Tim Woodward as Walter Gillies, Ron Berglas as Jeb. C. Faulkner, Niven Boyd as Bill Ruane, Mark Addy as Norman Greengrass, David Williams (4) as Feed Man

64"Forget Me Not"15 September 1996 The police are baffled by a campaign of threats against a local shopkeeper. Gina's new boyfriend is hired as pub chef and Greengrass is alarmed by mysterious events on the moor.

Guest Stars: Shend as Brian, Philippa Howell as Margaret Bracewell, Neil Boorman as Edward Bracewell, Arthur Kelly as Terry Hunt, Simon Day as Fenwick, Peter Washington as Anton, John Biggins as Alan Davies, David Bamber as Adrian Shaw

65"A Long Shot"22 September 1996 Nick and Jo, the new teacher he has started dating, are worried about a disruptive village schoolboy and Greengrass hatches a plan to 'borrow' Lord Ashfordly's racehorse.

Guest Stars: Steven Townsley as Billy, Lorraine Peters as Shopkeeper, Mark Carmel as Chapman, Kenneth Cranham as Charlie Wallace, Christopher Maffei as Len Schofield, Malcolm Storry as Harry Schofield, Eric Allan (1) as Clark, Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly, Mary Healey (1) as Mrs Watkins, Gary Waldhorn as Joss Harrop

66"Something of Value"29 September 1996 The police investigate a robbery at a wine and spirits warehouse, and Nick discovers the reasons behind Ventress's uncharacteristic behaviour. Greengrass gets a surprise proposition after being caught poaching.

Guest Stars: Kenneth Cranham as Charlie Wallace, Andrew Milner as Colin, Alan Hulse as Dennis Cox, Alan Partington as Mr. Loftus, Anthony Holt as Jimmy, Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly

67"Frail Mortality"6 October 1996 The police investigate a case of hit and run and Maggie is the chief suspect. Greengrass dabbles in taxidermy and Jo has a proposal for Nick.

Guest Stars: Steven Townsley as Billy, Oliver Peace as Constantin, Carl McGuinness as Stefan, Geoffrey Wilkinson as Antiques Dealer, Gary Oliver as Mihail, Kathleen Worth as Ida Forrest, Gideon Turner as Ronnie Harvey, Michael Jayston as Michael Harvey, Gillian Kearney as Susan Watkins, Mary Healey (1) as Mrs Watkins

68"Snapped"13 October 1996 After being sacked, a man gets drunks and threatens a taxi driver and Nick. Meanwhile, Aidensfield becomes the location for a fashion photo shoot, and Nick's relationship with Jo is put to the test.

Guest Stars: Frances Cox as Mrs Wardle, Bill Fellows as Taxi Driver, Prunella Ransome as Mrs McInver, Marji Campi as Avis Rogers, Yolande Davis as Sylvie, Sean McKenzie as Brian Rogers, Keeley Hawes as Michelle, Eamon Boland (1) as Ralph Webster, Mark Arden as Jansson

69"Catch Us If You Can"20 October 1996 Nick goes undercover to investigate strong-arm tactics in the jukebox business. Ventress goes on a disastrous stag night, and a visit from Inspector Hackett leaves Blaketon a worried man.

Guest Stars: Irene Skillington as Bertha, Alex Whetham as Derek Barnby-Ross, David Marsden as Joss Wrigley, Kevin Hand as 2nd Student, Jim Marsh as Peter Parkinson, Mitch Barber as Goodway, Nick Bartlett (1) as Grieves, George Jackos as Andy Farley, Chris Sanders as Dino, Jim Millea as Harry Platt, Roger Sloman as Inspector Les Hackett, Jane How as Anita Setters, Roger Lloyd Pack as Reggie Rawlins

70"Giving the Game Away"27 October 1996 Nick is concerned when a young black Londoner becomes the suspect in a violent robbery. Greengrass takes bets on a cricket match against Whitby. Nick's mother wants to meet Jo.

Guest Stars: Roger Bingham (1) as Whitby Captain, Gordon Duffy as Phil Cunningham, Shaun Parkes as Errol Jones, Diane Langton as Ruby Rowan, Leslie Schofield as Jed Hunter, Francis Magee (1) as Stannard, Geoffrey Leesley as Frank Beckshaw, Tim Stedman as Martin Beckshaw, Kathryn Pogson as Liz Beckshaw, Brian Hogg as Bus Driver, Harry Beety as Joseph

71"The Championship"3 November 1996 Greengrass vies with an old enemy when Aidensfield hosts a quoits match. Nick meets Jo's parents but the evening is interrupted when he is called out in an emergency.

Guest Stars: Leigh Harris as David Smethwick, Charlotte Estelle as Marlene, Bryn Ellis as Bill, Norman Rossington as Bertie Mould, Kerrie Taylor as Jean Abbott, Cliff Howells as Donald Smethwick, Diane Langton as Ruby Rowan, Wanda Ventham as Fiona Weston, Fiona Bruce as Dr Wilby, Stuart Laing (1) as Jack Abbott, Jacqueline Naylor as Annie Smethwick

72"Who Needs Enemies?"10 November 1996 Nick investigates a violent incident on the golf course while Blaketon faces a crucial dilemma. Greengrass gets involved in a greyhound-betting scam but a rumbling appendix threatens to scupper the deal.

Guest Stars: Angela Catherall as Mrs. Gower, Willie Ross (5) as Jonty Walsh, Peter Maz as Big Bernard, Steven Townsley as Billy Burke, Mark Whiteley as Del Sharkley, Gordon Alcock as Duggie Harper, Catherine Carter as Nurse Grey, Cherith Mellor as Sister Mercer, Jonathan Weir as Constable Barry, Paul Alexander as Les Langley, Helen Kay as Sister Reed, Adam Musson as Timmy Gower, Stephen Yardley as Arnold Sampson, Ian Thompson as Harry Fell, Philip Bird as Inspector Burton

73"Thanks to Alfred"17 November 1996 When a routine domestic disturbance takes a sinister turn, the CID are summoned. A wrestling show visits Aidensfield and Greengrass plays host to the Masked Marvel, much to his dog's distress.

Guest Stars: Vanessa Knox-Mawer as Sylvia Phillips, Norman Gregory as Jim Phillips, Rebecca Fenwick as Vicki Phillips, Sean Casey (3) as Wrestler, Dave Hipkiss as Wrestler, Malcolm Ardley as Wrestler, Steve Green as Wrestler, Adam Fogerty as Ken Fairbrother, Pip Miller as Mike Scott, Pat Roach as The Masked Marvel, Brian Hogg as Bus Driver, Anne Stallybrass as Eileen, Terry Gilligan as Detective Supt. Adams, Bobby Knutt (3) as Pat Starr, Benedict Sandiford (2) as Tony Phillips, Susanna Dawson as Anne Fowles

74"Obsessions"1 December 1996 A woman seeks Nick's help after he rescues her from a house fire. Greengrass decides to enter the tourist trade by offering bed-and-breakfast.

Guest Stars: Tom Entwhistle as Michael, Alison Lloyd as Neighbour, Andrew Westfield as Joiner, Tim Wylton as Colin Flintoff, Alison Fielding as Sandra Croft, Owen Aaronovitch as Clive Kenway, Judi Lamb as Madge Flintoff

75"The Best Laid Plans"8 December 1996 A notorious post-office robber pays a visit to the area, and a well-to-do woman begins to be haunted by her past. Meanwhile, Greengrass is on a quest for a Victoria Cross.

Guest Stars: Clare Higgins as Maureen Bristow, Rosemary Martin as Miss Spicer, Seamus Gubbins as Jed, Kevin McMonagle as Trevor, Robin Bowerman as Anderson, Andrew Milner as Colin, Anthony Holt as Jimmy, Jenny Agutter as Susannah Temple-Richards

76"Bygones Be Bygones"15 December 1996 Nick is suspicious when a financial salesman calls at Jo's cottage. Maggie urges the police to investigate when a rash of poison-pen letters causes concern in the village.

NOTE: This is Elizabeth Bennett's (Joyce Jowett) first ever episode as a regular throughout the programme

Guest Stars: Pavel Douglas as Nigel Wheeler, Glenn Cunningham (1) as Jim Riley, Robin Bowerman as Auctioneer, Nicola Weatherell as Telephone Girl, Vicki Stevens as Waitress, Maynard Williams as Mr Gibson, Philip Rowlands as Mr Sims, Clare Webzell as Mrs Sims, Elizabeth Bennett (1) as Joyce Jowett, Maggie Tagney as Mrs Mason

77"Old Friends"22 December 1996 Nick goes undercover in Whitby in pursuit of an escaped prisoner, while an unexpected visitor leaves Eileen facing a dilemma.

Guest Stars: Ruth Kettlewell as May, Lesley Duff as Mrs. Smith, Keith Ladd as Mr. Smith, Tony Nyland as Fishmonger, Rachel Peirman as Barmaid, Gordon Kane as Penrice, Ava Hunt as Anne Thompson, Ian Blower as Bill Thompson, Laura Cox as Brenda Savage, Nick Wyatt as Ronnie Savage, Robert Langdon Lloyd (1) as Antonin Clarion, Kenneth MacDonald (3) as Inspector Jennings

78"Charity Begins At Home"29 December 1996 Aidensfield is hit by a snow storm and a plane makes a crash landing, and the pilot runs from the scene just as his wife goes into labour. The man turns out to be on the run. Meanwhile, both Alf and Greengrass dress up as Santa and Nick proposes to Jo.

NOTE: This is Stuart Golland's (George Ward) last ever episode.

This is Heartbeat's 2nd Christmas episode.

Guest Stars: Sarah Thomas as Doris, Jacki Webb as Mave, John Michie as Hugh, Biddy Hodson as Sophie, Mary Healey (1) as Mrs. Watkins, Katie Ferguson as Narrator

Series Seven (1997-1998)

79"Bad Apple"31 August 1997 Greengrass enrages Sergeant Blaketon by standing bail for a notorious burglar whose solicitor tells him he will profit from the accused's forthcoming marriage. Jo's mother is not pleased with her engagement.

NOTE: This is the first series to produce 24 episodes. This is the first episode after a 35 week break.

Guest Stars: Brian Hogg as Eric, Olive Pendleton as Mrs Franklin, Kathleen Worth as Ida Forrest, Norman Mills as Mr Kettley, Mary Tamm as Marilyn, Christopher Wilkinson as Mr Black, David Kangas as Derek Rosser, Ian Redford as Mr Sellars, Wanda Ventham as Fiona Weston, Ann Aris as Chairwoman of Magistrates, Mark Womack (1) as Keith Megson, Michelle Chadwick as Linda

80"Pig in the Middle"7 September 1997 Macabre rumours circulate around Aidensfield when a special constable goes missing after a row with a pig farmer. Greengrass enjoys having a woman around the house after bumping into an old friend and offering her accommodation for the night.

Guest Stars: Julie T Wallace as Betty Sutch, Russell Dixon (1) as Hector Cowley, Una Stubbs as Anthea Cowley, Hugh Lloyd as Archie Birley, James Hooton as Simon Sutch, Zena Walker as Ellen Birley

81"Small Beer"14 September 1997 Jo's concern about an absentee schoolboy leads to a shocking discovery and Blaketon suspects an inside job after a factory reports a break-in.

Guest Stars: Julie Riley as Robert's Mother, John Elmes as Mr Sangers, Patrick McGuire as Robert Chalk, Paul Slack as Tony Mowbray, Rowena Cooper as Mrs Cross, Adam Scourfield as Dennis Cross, Frank Mills as Albert Potter, Maggie Tagney as Woman At Door, Jim Millea as Harry Platt

82"Closing Ranks"21 September 1997 A series of violent muggings frustrates the force and presents Nick with an ethical dilemma when the attackers strike close to home. Greengrass clashes with two formidable women over a stuffed sheep.

Guest Stars: Ellie Haddington as Joan Braithwaite, Ruth Holden as Great Aunt Lil, Stephen Petcher as Cousin Cyril, Ros Simmons as Mrs Jackson, Stephen Finegold as Snaith, Pearce Quigley as Red Broadbent, Paul Brennen (1) as Duster Murray, Charlotte Mitchell (2) as Granny Bellamy, Andrew Abrahams (2) as Chairman, Maggie Ollerenshaw as Norma Braithwaite, Martin Aylett as Benson, Wanda Ventham as Fiona Weston

83"Leaving Home"28 September 1997 Wartime memories are stirred in Aidensfield when an ex-soldier comes to the area for a holiday with his daughter, who strikes up a friendship with a local farm hand. A van-load of stolen cigarettes are dumped on Greengrass and Jo gets some tragic news.

Guest Stars: Graham Walker (2) as Mickey, Anthony Milner as Bill Walker, Sallty Watts as Mary Walker, Julian Kerridge as Stephen Walker, Christine Tremarco as Cathy Thompson, Martin Walsh as Pete, Wanda Ventham as Fiona Weston, Martin Cochrane as Clive Thompson, Carrie Davies as Sister, Bryan Pringle as Ned

84"Fool for Love"5 October 1997 Nick discovers a complicated history behind an aristocratic woman and her former romance with a member of the community. Claude tries to help an Australian couple discover their ancestry.

Guest Stars: Robin Colvill as Antiques Dealer, Fiona Wass as Waitress, Patrick Toomey as Len Wilcox, Carole Nimmons as Jean Lightfoot, Sarah Badel as Susan Williamson, Michael Cochrane as Derek Lightfoot, Richard Franklin (2) as Doctor

85"The Family Way"12 October 1997 A young boy is injured in a car accident. The driver becomes involved with the police but Blaketon finds that not everything's straight forward. Jo's father is extremely distresses about the death of his wife and Claude's brother Cyril is in the area looking for property.

Guest Stars: Samuel Pollen as Justin Wood, Steven Osborne as Faulds, Kate Farrah as Claire Wood, Paddy Navin as Frankie Winders, Tina Jones (1) as Lisa Cooper, Tenniel Evans as Alec Oxley, Stratford Johns as Cyril Isaiah Greengrass, Maggie Jones (1) as Edith Greengrass, Nicholas Ball (1) as Charlie Fenton, Dominic Rickhards as Steve Adams

86"Friendly Fire"19 October 1997 Nick suspects foul play when a lay preacher is injured in a shooting posse. Greengrass gains possession of a secret recipe for the notorious "Aidensfield Bun".

Guest Stars: Verity Rushworth as Lucy Keen, Lesley Staples as Matron, Jonathan Barlow as Jeff Keen, Carol Harvey (1) as Sheila Keen, Andy Rashleigh as Cliff Dyson, Dominic Rickhards as Steve Adams, Walter Sparrow (2) as Tom, Richard Mayes (1) as Bill Dyson, Paul Kember as Frank Dyson, Anne Stallybrass as Eileen Reynolds, John Salthouse as Richard Ealham

87"Sons and Lovers"26 October 1997 Lord Ashfordly's sister Patricia is in the area but is causing Nick havoc with her drink driving. He handles it tactfully at first until she nearly causes an accident. Patricia is outraged when he brings her into the police station.

Guest Stars: Robert Garrett as Sporting Gent, Gordon Langford Rowe as Meadows, Stephen Hackett as Graham Potter, Oliver Cotton as Harry Adams, Carol Royle as Patricia Brewster, Trevor Ray as Terry Bell, Dominic Rickhards as Steve Adams, Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly

88"Playing with Trains"2 November 1997 Blaketon is worried about his up coming retirement, he discusses it with Alf and tells him he has decided to apply for an extension of service. There are major thefts from a fur factory which leads to a police chase aboard a train.

Guest Stars: Veronica Lang as Mrs Dobson, Jack Smethurst as John Jenkins, Michael Strobel as Ticket Collector, Bruce McGregor as Train Driver, Steve Drayton as Dennis Black, Steve Garti as 'Five Holes', James Smith (1) as Mr Dobson, Oliver Peace as Terry Ainsworth, Tracey Wilkinson as Molly Ainsworth, Dominic Rickhards as Steve Adams, David Frederickson as John Avery, John Henshaw as Guard, Jeff Hordley as Mark Mullins, James Gaddas (1) as Eddie Ainsworth, Marji Campi as Joyce Elcott

89"What the Butler Saw"9 November 1997 A schoolgirl witnesses a shooting incident on the moor. Greengrass sets up a pool competition without Gina's knowledge.

NOTE: This is David Michaels's (Neil Bolton) first ever episode.

Guest Stars: Denton Brown as Sammy Maxton, Sophie Sigston as Linda Walker, Jenny Brown as Suzy Rooksby, Robin Colvill as Fetter, Clare Kelly (2) as Alice Jessop, Owen Brenman as Lester, Wayne Foskett as Barry Rooksby, Alice Jones as Katie Rowan, Timothy Carlton as Colonel Hepworth, Dominic Rickhards as Steve Adams, Jim Millea as Harry Platt

90"Affairs of the Heart"16 November 1997 Nick and Jo's wedding day arrives, but as the church fills up, the groom is stranded on the moors. Meanwhile, Blaketon gets a shock when he is summoned to see his superior officer.

Guest Stars: Kim MacDonald as Brian, Phil Croft as Policeman, Edwin Newlyn as Vicar, Tony Vasco as Photographer, Robert Swann as Superintendent, Shaun McGowan (1) as Thompson, Kate Lonergan as Gwen Harding, Ian Keith as Ray Coombs, Anne Reid (2) as Aunt Alison, Diane Langton as Ruby Rowan, John Bardon as Grandad Rowan

91"Peace and Quiet"23 November 1997 New constable Mike Bradley finds that Aidensfield is not the rural retreat he expected. Greengrass finds himself in the thick of the action when a local construction site is raided by armed robbers. Blaketon suffers a heart attack.

NOTE: This is Jason Durr's (Mike Bradley) first ever episode.

This is Simon Molloy's (DI Shiner) first episode as a regular throughout Heartbeat

Guest Stars: Eva Pope as Sharma, Robert Blythe as Godfrey, Harrison Phillips as Worker, Andrew Burt as Corbett, Richard Albrecht as Johnson, Richard Dillane as Terry, Alice Jones as Katie Rowan, Simon Molloy as DI Shiner

92"Substitute"30 November 1997 Ventress faces up to some old enemies and Greengrass takes on more than he bargained for when a troop of girl guides camps on his land.

Guest Stars: Amanda Walker as Jean Clarke, Richard Stevens as Sebastian Stokes, Niamh Daly as Rosa, Elaine Cupples as Maria, Alan Faulkner as Auctioneer, Abigail Milner as Hannah, Emma Williams (1) as Lucy, Rebecca Lord as Kathy, Tracie Bennett as Lieutenant, Peter Harkness as Vinnie, David Kelly (1) as Pa Deighton, Frank Grimes as Dermot O'Kane, Samia Ghadie as Maddy

Director: Gerry Mill (1)

93"In On the Act"7 December 1997 A motorbike stunt rider becomes a target of sabotage. Greengrass vows revenge when his beloved dog, Alfred, is dosed with rat poison.

Guest Stars: Alan Meadows as Ted Legge, Clare Beck as Fortune Teller, Pat Connell (1) as Vet, Tom Lloyd-Roberts as Stonemason, Geoffrey Andrews as Mouse Show Judge, Anthony Dutton as Len Tippler, Daniel Caltagirone as Liam, David Groves (1) as Dirk, Keeley Fawcett as Belinda Knight, Simon Slater as Sid Knight, David Michael (1) as Dr. Neil Bolton, Doug Fisher (1) as Trevor Lammas, Lindsey Fawcett as Tracey Knight

94"The Queens Message"21 December 1997 Rex Hawkins, the TV repair man, is being threatened by Lol Baxter, because he owes him money. Rex is beaten up outside the pub and his mother tells Nick that she thinks it was Alf who did it. Greengrass has the task to get a piece of Royal Dalton that Gina ordered for a Christmas present.

NOTE: This is Heartbeat's 3rd Christmas episode.

Guest Stars: Steve Whyment as Lorry Driver, Toni Lloyd as Customer 2, Gloria Appleton as Customer 1, Richard Heap as Lol, Helen Ryan as Betty Hawkins, Con O'Neill as Rex Hawkins, Fionnuala Ellwood as Sylvia, Katharine Rogers as Miriam, Chris Larner as Neville, John Flanagan (2) as Brodie

95"Brainstorm"4 January 1998 Mike is under investigation when a man dies in the cells when he is on duty. Russell's cousin, Hibbert, claims he heard Mike beat him up. Greengrass has a go at running a taxi business.

NOTE: This is Anne Stallybrass's (Eileen Reynolds) last ever episode.

Guest Stars: Douglas Bevons as Auctioneer, Penny Capper as Ann Marie, Larry Waller as Jim Carter, Margo Stanley as Mrs Ada Stonehouse, Eric Carte as Lawyer, Paul Basson as Alan Stilgoe, Charles Cartmell (2) as Russell Palmer, Matthew Marsh as Keith Hibbert, Simon Molloy as DI Shiner

96"Bad Penny"11 January 1998 Gina has trouble with bottles that are taken away from her and she suspects Greengrass. A woman sets up a camp near his house.

Guest Stars: Frances De La Tour as Tessa, Kim Gillespie as Martin, Robert Curbishley as Garage Attendant, Kieron Forsyth as Linden, Natasha Dahlberg as Penny, Simon Molloy as DI Shiner, Joe Simpson (2) as Gamekeeper

97"Appearances"18 January 1998 A couple of thieves are looking at the "Wanted" adverts in the newspaper then robbing these items from houses in the area and selling them on. During one burglary a young girl is hurt. Greengrass and Bernie take up an interest in sculpture. Nick and Jo decide to emigrate to Canada.

Guest Stars: Maurice Thorogood as Adrian Chiltern, Lyndon Hellewell as Removal Man 2, Steven Hillman (1) as Removal Man 1, Lawrence Mullin (1) as Colin Gibbs, Adam Waddington as Harry Somers, Eve Matheson as Moira Hamilton, Zoë Hart as Ruth Upton, Belinda Sinclair as Mrs Laura Upton, Terrence Hardiman as John Upton, Patsy Byrne as Martha Coutts

98"Local Knowledge"25 January 1998 The return of a notorious felon has Blaketon longing for his old job. Greengrass persuades some visiting psychic researchers that his house is haunted. Nick, Jo and Katie say farewell to Aidensfield to start a new life in Canada.

NOTE: This is Nick Berry's (Nick Rowan), Juliette Gruber's (Jo Rowan) & Alice Jones's (Katie Rowan) last ever episode.

A special episode was set in Canada afterwards in 1998 to see what life was like away from Aidensfield. The episode was not to be shown on TV before 1999.

Guest Stars: Katherine Stark as Investigator 1, Jill Halfpenny as Mitzi Wyler, Fred Pearson as Jimmy Turpin, Shelagh Fraser as Sarah Thorpe, Tom Higgins as Fred Pearson, Alec Newman (1) as Johnny Wyler, Maggie Tagney as Gladys Smethurst, Gareth Thomas as Nathaniel Clegghorn, Nigel Lambert as Investigator 2

99"The Enemy Within"1 February 1998 An old Army friend of Blaketon causes havoc in the village. Greengrass is in trouble when he innocently buys some stolen sheep.

Guest Stars: Nicholas Palliser as Petersen, Rebecca Bridle as Jill, David Maybrick as Ted Blunkett, John Alderton as Jim Ryan, Paul Broughton as Charlie Blunkett, Sara Stephens as Kathy

100"Unconsidered Trifles"8 February 1998 Loyalties are tested when Blaketon finds himself at the wrong end of the law. Greengrass tries to turn some dismantled motorcycles into hard cash.

Guest Stars: Steven Chapman (1) as Sergeant Watson, Kevin Dyer as CID Officer, Martin Hainstock as Dave Sharp, Hayley Fairclough as Lizzie Tyler, Adam Woods as Frank Collins, Dean Harris as Jack Fowles, Helena McCarthy (1) as Ma Lines, Kenneth Hadley as Sid Lines, Sarah Churm as Babs, Maggie Tagney as Gladys Smethurst, Christine Anderson as Mrs. Tyler, Richard Burke (2) as Joey Sharpe, Mandy More (1) as Jean Ashdale

101"Heroes and Villains"15 February 1998 A stolen war medal tests the friendship between a young boy and a flying ace. Greengrass fences stolen golf balls, while Maggie and Neil seem to reconcile their differences.

Guest Stars: Alex Cooke (2) as Friend, Aubrey Philips as Randall, Lesley Clare O'Neill as Doreen Chivers, Angela Saville as Joan Sayers, Stefan Podolchuk as Stuart Chivers, Frederick Treves as Gerald Sefton, Alan Halsall as Trevor Chivers, Robert Hudson as Mal Shanks

102"Love Me Do"22 February 1998 When a young girl claims she is being stalked, suspicions are aroused in the village. The new sergeant's arrival heralds an unwelcome change for both Ventress and Greengrass.

NOTE: This is Philip Franks's (Sgt Raymond Craddock) first ever episode.

Guest Stars: Carl Proctor as Pete, Adam Johnson as Sam, Jonathan Le Billon as Rickie, Nina Warhurst as Linda, Anna Keaveney as Kitty Dodds, Phillip Joseph (1) as John Dodds, Jessica Harris as Maureen Dodds, Sarah Churm as Babs, Phil McKee (1) as Andy, Sandra Hunt as Mrs Caswell

Series Eight (1998-1999)

103"Snake in the Grass"6 September 1998 PC Mike Bradley investigates a mysterious case of food poisoning after a neighbourly dispute. Greengrass recovers a debt and finds himself the owner of a python.

NOTE: This is Arbel Jones's (Mary Ward) first ever episode. This is the second series in history to produce 24 episodes. This is the first episode of a new series after a 28 week break.

11.68 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode

Guest Stars: Arbel Jones as Mary Ward, Paul Walker as Laslo Riles, Ray Blake as John Nixon, Heather Ramsay as Pat Nixon, Taya McNeil as Frances Parsons, Brigit Forsyth as Elsie Harris, Kenneth Colley as Clive Harris, Tom Chadbon as Stuart Parsons, Judi Jones (1) as Bellamy's Landlady

104"Fall Out"13 September 1998 Mike has to make a dramatic rescue after a dangerous radioactive isotope goes missing. Greengrass turns babysits a champion greyhound.

NOTE: 11.24 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: David Parrish as Alec Formby, Susie Hawthorne as Sonia Harding, Andy Wear as Harry Healey, Nicola Bolton as Betty Spalding, David Nicholls (2) as Pete Anderton, Adam Colclough as Chuck Fawsley, Stefan Podolchuk as Stuart Chivers, Stratford Johns as Cyril Isaiah Greengrass, Andrew Knott as Billy Frawley, Rick Avery as George Farrington, Alan Halsall as Trevor Chivers, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward, Charlotte Mitchell (1) as Granny Bellamy

105"For Better or Worse"20 September 1998 The Aidensfield police investigate a car accident that is not as simple as it seems. Neil and Maggie make a commitment.

NOTE: 12.41 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Marcus Romer as Mr Hodges, Graham Padden (1) as Mr Ellis, Adam Shaw (1) as Salesman, Richard Cadman as Jez Lloyd, Robert Peers as Alan, Neil Firth as Dave, Meriel Schofield as Sally Owen, Bruce M. Byron as Vic Owen, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward, Philip Jackson (1) as unknown, Rosalind Ayres as Ann Marsden, Gabrielle Lloyd as Jean Ryder, Garry Crystal as Brian Rider, Elizabeth Kelly (1) as Ethel Simcox

106"Past Crimes"27 September 1998 A respectable bank manager finds his past coming back to haunt him. Greengrass fixes the outcome of a local golf tournament, much to Blaketon's annoyance.

NOTE: 13.52 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Nick Cochrane as Barry Scripps, Joan Campion as Mrs Robinson, Paul Wyett as Tim McDonald, Ian Thompson as Snape, Tara Moran as Jenny McDonald, Tony Pitts as Carl Southall, Mark Brignal as Smythson, Nicholas Blane as Mr Handley, Justine Adams as Miss Lewisham, Robin Polley as Announcer, Arbel Jones as Aunty Mary

107"Spellbound"4 October 1998 Blaketon notices some strange activity at a graveyard at night but as he wants to investigate, he is knocked down. Greengrass tries his luck in the beauty business.

NOTE: 14.36 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Gregory Chisholm as Simon Harper, Sue Warhurst as Chemist Shop Assistant, David Westbrook as Reverend Foyle, Scot Williams as Bob Hall, Polly York as Sally Harper, Geoffrey Bayldon as Follett, Philip Whitchurch as Derek Harper, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward, Carmen Du Sautoy as Dorothea Cliveden

108"Baby Love"11 October 1998 A young man sneaks around inside Moorside Lodge, a mothers' and babies' home, and Greengrass takes an order to make a concrete driveway but as David refuses to work that very day, Greengrass has to make the unknown Gary do the job. Later an adopted baby is kidnapped.

NOTE: 14.33 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Cathy Purcell as Debbie, Elianne Byrne as Jennifer, Karen Harvey as Mrs Fraser, Joanne Sidwell as Fraser's Neighbour, Helen Ashworth as Penny Middleton, Craig Wilson as Penny's Boyfriend, Ann Haydn-Edwards as Edie Hollernshaw, Kate Cross as Paula, Lee Oakes as Gary, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward, Maggie Tagney as Gladys Smethurst, Don Crann as Mr Waterstone, Judy Holt as Hazel Mansfield, Eric Deacon as Alan Mansfield, Diana Davies (1) as Martha Collins

109"Give a Dog a Bad Name"18 October 1998 At a roadside 'shop' David sells some sheepskin rugs for Greengrass very cheaply. Craddock and the local veterinarian have grave disputes on drink driving, and a fleas' epidemic gives a dog a bad name.

NOTE: 14.28 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Martin Pearson as Groom, Heather Phoenix as Sheila Jackson, John Phythian as Len Jackson, Andrew Greenough as Paul Roberts, Martin Troakes as Jim Cullimore, Bryan Marshall (2) as Josh Roberts, Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly, Keeley Forsyth as Sue, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward

110"Hello, Goodbye"25 October 1998 Greengrass wants to make a fortune as mobile shop keeper. An Indian doctor from Kenya stirs up ugly racist prejudices, and an illegal hunt for live badgers disturb the forest.

NOTE: 14.22 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Fred Feast as Wilson, Eric Carte as Hanscombe, Brenda Elder as Agnes, David Whittington as Hibbert, Abida Haq as Arinda Rall, Steve Evets as Steve, Karen Mayze as Nora Lennon, Paul Bazely as Dr Deepak Rall, Keeley Forsyth as Sue, Phillippa Wilson as Penny Craddock, Joe Simpson (2) as Tanner, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward, Antony Audenshaw as Ian Lennon, David Prosho as Baldwin

111"Pat-a-Cake"1 November 1998 Mel Drinkwater disappears on the way to her secret wedding and a former boyfriend, Michael, is suspected of making her disappear. Greengrass' cat allergy is ruining his joy of a new business project. A burglar steals some medicine from Dr. Bolton's clinic.

NOTE: 14.64 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Elaine Donnelly as Mrs Drinkwater, Frederick Warder as Mr Drinkwater, Stephanie Putson as Karen, Judith Barker as Mrs Leacock, Daniel Jackson (1) as Keith Merchant, Vaughan Sivell as Michael Davies, Nick Malinowski as Terry Matthews, Kenny Doughty as Barry Hadfield, Pauline Turner as Mel Drinkwater, Keeley Forsyth as Sue

112"Easy Rider"8 November 1998 An apparent UFO mystery intermingles with the death of an Italian racing cyclist. Greengrass receives 200 gnomes from China, but they turn out to be models of Chairman Mao.

NOTE: 14.80 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Sarah Parks as Lizzie Ermini, Howard Crossley as Phil Robinson, Anthony Bessick as Derek Spicer, Stephen Tomlin as Pathologist, Keith Hukin as Post Office Driver, Caroline Sugden as Esta Somersby, Stephen MacKenna as Ned Hall, Sharon Power as Millie Watson, John Tearney as Paolo Ermini, David Tarkenter as Tony Eccles, Bill Rodgers (4) as Barry Watson, Keeley Forsyth as Sue

113"Hot Rocks"15 November 1998 Bellamy convinces Bradley to have a party at the Aidensfield Police Station. Lord Ashfordly's sister visits to introduce her new love, but he is very interested in Gina, and Greengrass has campers who modernize people's homes.

NOTE: 14.13 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Carol Royle as Patricia Brewster, Keeley Forsyth as Sue

114"Shadows and Substances"22 November 1998 Blaketon is appointed Warning Point Officer - in case of nuclear attack, but soon Greengrass grabs the initiative to make money on the security issue. A pupil smashes a front window of the teacher's car. Later another pupil drinks poisoned water in the woods and Bellamy's grandmother leads a protest against noisy lorries.

NOTE: 14.61 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Jay Marcus as Motorist, Barry Conway as Security Guard, Diana Flacks (1) as Mrs Conroy, Diana Johnson as Mrs West, Alex Cooke as Bennie Shaw, Steven Wickham as Joe Clegg, Richard Cole (1) as Mr Powell, Lesley Clare O'Neill as Doreen Chivers, Charlotte Mitchell (1) as Granny Bellamy, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward, Alan Halsall as Trevor Chivers, Stefan Podolchuk as Stuart Chivers, Jonathan Coy as Harry Horton

115"Forbidden Fruit"29 November 1998 While David Fuller apparently is very busy at an auction his wife, Marianne, is brought to hospital in a critical condition. Bradley stumbles into a short flirt with her sister, Rachel, not realizing she has emotional problems. Gina dreams about winning a trip to Paris.

NOTE: 14.40 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Sarah Nixon as Nurse, Fanny Carby as Aunty Ida, Freddie Boardley as Lenny, Greg Hicks as David, Emma Davies as Rachel, Fleur Bennett as Kirsty Williams, David Roper as D.I. Randall, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward

116"Where There's a Will"6 December 1998 Eric Tatton and his wife are dead and his sister, Peggy, has to move out of their house. At the last moment she however decides to fight to stay. Bellamy seeks a flat and gets assistance from Grengrass.

NOTE: This is Fiona Dolman's (Jackie Lambert) first ever episode.

14.35 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Linda Glover as Receptionist, Nicola Bolton as Betty Spalding, Nick Brimble as Baz, Conrad Nelson as Kenny Galloway, Peter Jeffrey (1) as Mr Ryle, Ben Price as John Fraser, Sylvia Syms as Peggy Tatton, John Challis as Stan Fraser

117"Taking Sides"13 December 1998 A road sign thief causes some disarray, and Miss Aubrey charges Dr. Bolton with sexual harassment. Greengrass arranges local history theatre in the open air.

NOTE: 14.86 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Lyndon Hellewell as Barry Hawkins, Justin Ellery as Steward, Ian East as Galbraith, Michael Jowett as Frank Shallcross, Stephen Critchlow as Adrian Pym, Isla Blair as Elaine Aubrey, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward

118"Echoes of the Past"24 December 1998 Jane Hayes is nervous of her pregnancy and some mysterious incidents related to the past make her fear she is haunted. A Christmas Charity Dance is arranged in Aidensfield, and Greengrass gets the responsibility for a trophy at the event.

NOTE: 10.80 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

This is Heartbeat's 4th Christmas episode.

Guest Stars: Sheila Burrell as Mrs Hutton, Matyelok Gibbs as Miss Barker, Roger Allam as Graham Hayes, Danny Seward as Steven Lorimer, Phillippa Wilson as Penny Craddock, Keeley Forsyth as Sue, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward, Caroline Langrishe as Caroline

119"Twist of Fate"10 January 1999 Mildred Crosby dies unexpectedly suddenly and Maggie Bolton is accused. An anonymous night rider frequently borrows a horse and leaves it in an uneasy state. Two Japanese vases are stolen, and Greengrass obtains hot horse racing tips.

NOTE: 15.74 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Marlene Sidaway as Nursing Officer, Nick Lucas (1) as Mr Winstanley, David Telfer as Joe Sturton, Kelly Greenwood as Julie Hepponstall, Hilary Tones as Mrs Hepponstall, John McGlynn (1) as RoyThornton, Colette O'Neil as Mildred Crosby, Don Crann as Doctor, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward, James Greene (1) as Seamus O'Toole, Nicky Croydon as Sylvia Thornton

120"The Angry Brigade"17 January 1999 Barry Dixon is released from prison but is followed closely by an insurance detective. Lord Ashfordly has closed a pathway to a waterfall, but that decision meets strong opposition when a couple of tourists, Mr and Mrs Tidy, is stopped somewhat brutally. Bradley and Jackie Lambert, an attractive lawyer, develop common ground.

NOTE: 16.48 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: David Barrass as Judd, Peter Lorenzelli as Kelly, Jean Stevens as Molly Dixon, Stephen Casey as Denzil, Geoff Oldham as Mr Welford, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward, Shaun Prendergast as Ron Tidy, Jackie Lye as Doreen Tidy, Joe Simpson (2) as Cooper, Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly, Dorian Lough as Barry Dixon, Paul Hawkyard as Ed Baxter

121"Fire and Ashes"24 January 1999 Maggie Bolton tells Neil that they are going to have a baby, but she is quite troubled about it and takes a small trip with Gina. Small fires in the area worry the police, and Greengrass has a railway carriage for holiday guests, but that makes Blaketon angry.

NOTE: This is David Michaels's (Neil Bolton) last ever episode.

15.54 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Kirsty Doyle as Neighbour, Kevin Foster as Fireman, Stefan Podolchuk as Stuart Chivers, Alan Halsall as Trevor Chivers, Lesley Clare O'Neill as Doreen Chivers, Ralf Little as Julian, Elizabeth Rider as Stella, Cameron Stewart as Archie, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward

122"All in the Mind"31 January 1999 Blaketon loses focus on Greengrass because an even worse crook enters the area with some racing ferrets. Jackie Lambert visits Maggie Bolton to finish the paperwork on Dr. Bolton's death. An old woman witnesses a kidnapping. A young man annoys ordinary citizens intensely while presenting himself as PC Ventress.

NOTE: 16.02 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Tony Peers as M. C., Vin Welch as Mr. Longman, Jason Furnival as Mr. Draper, Steve Jackson (1) as Jimmy Weston, Esther Martin as Julie Arlott, Jon Strickland as Mr. Arlott, Mark McKenna as Doug Bullen, Tom Watson as George Seago, Margery Mason (1) as Mrs. Challis

123"Friends Like You"7 February 1999 David wins £100 and buys some fine clothes, but the shopkeeper wants to sell more to him. Gina substitutes as singer in a new club in Whitby, but it turns into a nightmare as the police finds drugs in her handbag.

NOTE: 16.34 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: John Vernon (2) as Rory Shaw, Michael Burns (2) as Martin Featherstone, Joshua Richards as D.I. Haggerty, Phillip King as D. C. Thomason, Anthony Watson as Terry Connelly, John Axon as Bert Farrimond

124"Old Ties"14 February 1999 An old friend visits Gina, and Aunt Mary fears trouble. Two brothers open a restaurant, and they are surprised by more than a brick through the window. An archaeologist inspires Greengrass to dig for a treasure.

NOTE: 12.32 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Richard Conway as Basil, Alan French as Gavin, Paul McEwan (1) as Col, John Graham Davies (1) as Sid Wainwright, Jeremy Nicholas as Prof Talbot Booth, Steven Elder as Dennis, John Bennett (1) as Terence Young, Tom Butcher as Alan, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward, Phillippa Wilson as Penny Craddock, Stewart Howson as Jimmy, Michelle Butterly as Debbie

125"David Stockwell's Ghost"21 February 1999 A troubled family has moved into Aidensfield from Zambia. At the auction David happens to buy pigs instead of lambs, and Mrs. Ventress is hospitalized.

NOTE: 16.53 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Elizabeth Steele as Penny, Stephen Anderson as Julian, Ben Spencer as Tom Wilson, Luke McGann as Sam Wilson, Oliver Hamilton as Peter Palmer, Hermione Norris as Diane Palmer, Michael Maloney (1) as Cecil Palmer, Christine Moore (1) as Annie Stockwell, Harry MacDonald as Jack Sharpe, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward

126"Testament"28 February 1999 David is the only witness to a drink driver's hit-and-run, and the relation between Mike and Jackie is in big trouble as he suspects her uncle is guilty. Greengrass is in charge of enlarging a graveyard but he is more interested in what is found in the ground.

NOTE: 17.01 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Richard Baglow as Boy, Oliver Ford Davies (1) as Henry Tomkinson, Geraldine Newman as Joyce Tomkinson, Sean Blowers as Rodney Marshall, Helen Cotterill (1) as Betty Kirk, Jean Rimmer as May Hawkins, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward, David Westbrook as Vicar

Series Nine (1999-2000)

127"Manoeuvres in the Dark"26 September 1999 Terry Noble deserts the Army and contacts Gina with hot kisses and cute words. Maggie Bolton is a proud mother, and an Army veteran from World War II hits a boy in a car accident.

NOTE: This is the third series in history to produce 24 episodes. This is the first episode of a new series after a 30 week break.

12.87 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Arbel Jones as Mary Ward, Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly, Gavin Abbott as Terry Noble, Paul Rider as Roger, Geoffrey Chater as Hal Clifford

128"Tricks of the Trade"3 October 1999 As the new owner of the Aidensfield Arms Blaketon has moved in but his ideas of running the place do not fit with the experiences of Gina and Mary. A nasty burglary hits the home of one of Greengrass' mates who has died recently. An Asian flu starts to rage in the area.

NOTE: 12.95 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Ruth Mitchell as Jan Hollis, Graham McTavish as Derek Flowers, Stan Stennett as Cyril Fuller, Andrew Readman as Dr. Halliday, Gillian Waugh as Ellen Charlton, Buster Reeves as Tanner, Ian Burfield as Kendal, Olivia Jardith as Mrs Tomkins, Maggie Tagney as Gladys, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward

129"Intuition"10 October 1999 Bill offers Aunt Mary to become hotel manager in Sidmouth. Celia Gilmour wants to see her sister, but the front door is locked and suddenly a van rushes away.

NOTE: This is Arbel Jones's (Mary Ward) last ever episode.

13.22 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Grace Mitchell as Mrs Bower, David Beckford as Barman, Carol Kaye as Joy Powell, Edward Hardwicke as Tommy Bayne, Will Tacey (2) as Doctor, Jonathan Hackett (2) as Bill, Steve Palfreman as Jimmy, Nicholas Moss (1) as Danny, Ann Bell as Celia Gilmour, Phillippa Wilson as Penny Craddock, Arbel Jones as Mary Ward

130"Puppet on a String"17 October 1999 Alison keeps secrets away from her parents and burns a letter in the fire place. Ventress stops smoking to live up to his status as temporary leader of the local police while Craddock is away on teaching duties, and soon Bellamy and Bradley longs for Craddock.

NOTE: 13.29 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Chris Goulding as Deliveryman, Rachel Leskovac as Record Shop Assistant, Samantha Hurst as Clothes Shop Assistant, Hugh Walters as Arthur, Margaret Johnson as Mrs Tattersall, Ian Ralph as Depot Manager, Glyn Grain as Tom Lowson, Frances Cox as Faith Trueman, Sally Sheridan as Mrs Wharton, Clare Kerrigan (2) as Alison Hartley, Janet Dale as Vera Hartley, Albert Welling as Harold Hartley, Katy Landis as Mandy Lowson, Leanne Burrows as Sandra Lowson

131"Honor Among Thieves"24 October 1999 Blaketon runs in a local election against Tom Drabble, one of Grengrass' mates. A romantic author, Honor Gable, rents a house in the area for six months to write a book, but she finds Bradley more interesting. Young criminals clean the local river as a part of their punishment.

NOTE: 13.77 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Brian Baines as Returning Officer, Georgina Lamb as Housewife, Chris Hoyle as Varley, David Troughton as Blenkiron, Ingrid Lacey as Honor Gable, Martin Oldfield as Tom Drabble, Peter Jonfield as Johnny Dyson

132"Shotgun Wedding"31 October 1999 A dramatic train robbery threatens and interferes with Bradley's plan to marry Jackie Lambert. Greengrass has not seen his sister for 22 years, but now her husband has died she turns up to take command.

NOTE: 13.71 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

133"Always a Copper"7 November 1999 The Chief Constable makes Blaketon organize a crime prevention committee. A burglar spills some blood when leaving a site of his crime, and Greengrass is a tourist guide for Norwegians looking for Viking items.

NOTE: 14.59 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

134"Negative Vibes"14 November 1999 A car driver smashes the front of a shop. Greengrass brings one of his mates to hospital but it is in vain, and to the widow's deep despair the body is given to the medical students in a last will. Bradley and his newly wed have negative vibes over late working hours.

NOTE: 13.22 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

135"Kindness of Strangers"21 November 1999 An old man is very obsessed with his son who fell in World War II near the German border, a real war hero. A young couple is caught shoplifting. Greengrass seizes a sudden opportunity to be the arranger of a local rally.

NOTE: 14.30 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Charlotte Mitchell (1) as Granny Bellamy

136"Hollywood or Bust"28 November 1999 Nathaniel Clegghorne brawls with David and Greengrass over two maran hens and with Lord Ashfordly who trains a dog close to Clegghorne's ground. A film producer seeks locations and Lord Ashfordly is very cooperative.

NOTE: 13.91 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Mark Powley as Harry Carey, Matthew Lewis as Alan Quigley

137"Flesh and Blood"5 December 1999 After the funeral of a local butcher's wife various skeletons are found in the family's hidings. Bellamy experiences a revival of a romance of his very youth, and David and Greengrass try an alternative way of breeding rabbits.

NOTE: 14.23 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

138"No Surrender"12 December 1999 A fortune teller promises David a real change of luck on love and money, and in spite of Greengrass' warnings strange incidents make David believe it. Clegghorne is ruthless to a neighboring family, and a business man has his own agenda with that family.

NOTE: 13.37 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

139"Stag at Bay"19 December 1999 A couple of poachers attacks Lord Ashfordly's stags with a brutality that is unheard of. A headmistress makes Jackie Bradley put pressure on the police to enforce an injunction. Greengrass rents Bernie Scripps' bearer to start up as driving instructor.

NOTE: 14.66 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

This is Heartbeat's 5th Christmas episode.

Guest Stars: Charlotte Church as Katie Kendall, Phyllis Logan as Julia Kendall, Rupert Frazer as Frank Kendall, Marc Finn as Newton, David Simons as David, Joe Simpson as Gamekeeper.

140"Full Circle"26 December 1999 Stella Redford arrives to talk to Mrs. Trotter but she only just reaches her funeral. Stella fears to have lost an important photo for good as her wallet is stolen at the hotel. Greengrass and an old acquaintance of Blaketon arranges illegal dog race gambling.

NOTE: 11.01 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Gerard Murphy (1) as Billy Trotter

141"The Seven Year Itch"2 January 2000 Ray Nixon visits his mother's grave before renting a room at the Aidensfield Arms. Blaketon feels a kind of guilt to Ray Nixon. Sergeants Nokes and Craddock temporarily change places for experiences. A man seems to steal some valuable maps from an old lady.

NOTE: 13.51 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

142"Weight of Evidence"9 January 2000 Greengrass buys a sheep to win some races, and money. Jackie has become halfway partner of the lawyers' firm, but to reach full partnership she needs £5000. A young girl is raped in her car.

NOTE: 13.11 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Andrew Abrahams as Magistrate (as Andy Abrahams), Michael Elwyn as Giles Ealham, Samia Ghadie as Sian Horrocks

143"For Art's Sake"16 January 2000 The painter Joe Vaughan seeks peace in Aidensfield, but he runs into brawls and controversies with members of the local rugby club and the police takes him into custody, until Jackie Bradley makes a judge release him. Then his house is burnt down.

NOTE: 14.76 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Helen Cotterill (1) as Betty Kirk, Andrew Abrahams as Magistrate (as Andy Abrahams)

144"A Shot in the Dark"23 January 2000 Lyn is a maid at Ashfordly Hall. She is secretly visited by her boyfriend Gary who has a suspended sentence. As he leaves the estate manager tries to stop him with shouts, and soon with gunshots.

NOTE: 15.16 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Sheridan Smith as Lyn

145"The Good Doctor"30 January 2000 Jackie's friend Sue is wounded by a hit-and-run car driver but Dr. Peters claims it is not as bad and serious as it looks. Greengrass finds some old bicycles he wants to rent to participants in a local race.

NOTE: 14.78 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

146"Against the Odds"6 February 2000 Lottie finds Charlie Weller dead and to the surprise and disgust of his nephew, Martin, her mother, Peggy Turner is the beneficent of a week old will. At the same time Blaketon is approached by a professional full time planner on the establishing an industrial quarter close to Aidensfield.

NOTE: 15.16 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

147"Desperate Measures"13 February 2000 Roy Brooks gets a suspended prison sentence for horse theft, but later in the evening a racing horse is stolen from Lord Ashfordly and his estate manager is seriously knocked down. Bernie Scripps happens to tell Greengrass that he once was psychic.

NOTE: 13.77 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

148"With this Ring"20 February 2000 Frank is an addicted gambler, and his actions to deal with his debt hits both his employer and his wife and daughter. Mike plans secretly a honeymoon to Majorca, but Jackie is more keen on her job. Greengrass makes David save coal from a lorry due to maritime law.

NOTE: 11.69 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

149"Wise Guy's"27 February 2000 Franco Mazzetti has suddenly died, so Greengrass buys one of his vans to sell fish and chips from. He is soon mixed into a brawl between the Mazzettis and another local business family. Ventress is put on a harsh crisp bread diet by his wife, so his heart, and especially his stomach fall victims to the charm of a lonely widow.

NOTE: 13.51 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

150"The Son-In-Law"5 March 2000 When Jackie Bradley's parents arrive from South Africa, she admits to Mike that she has not told them of their wedding. A car is found driven far into the river and at the same time a hitch hiker is picked up by Greengrass and David. Andy Ryan tries to win back Gina's love.

NOTE: 14.52 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Gary Barlow guest stars as Michael Shannon

Series Ten (2000-2001)

151"Chalk and Cheese"22 October 2000 Celia Hanson has just retired as teacher and lives now in a small house in the countryside. Her nearest neighbour, a long time farmer has absolutely no understanding for her need of peace and quiet. As Blaketon tries to mediate, things get even worse.

NOTE: This is the fourth series in history to produce 24 episodes. This is the return of a new series after a 33 week break.

12.24 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Andrew Abrahams as Magistrate (as Andy Abrahams), Angela Thorne as Celia Hanson, Duncan Preston as Don Foster, Steve Garti as Len, Jeff Merchant as Frank Jarvis, Derren Litten as Skinner, David Lonsdale as David Stockwell

152"Smile for the Camera"29 October 2000 David makes Bernie Scripps and Greengrass arrange a military funeral, and Jackie Bradley is the object of an unknown individual's phone calls at night and day, and the intense use of a camera.

NOTE: 14.22 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Patti Gold as Florist, Ian Champion as John Eames, Andree Evans as Mrs. Smythe, Adrian Scarborough as Martin Padmore, Judi Jones (1) as Secretary, Peter Benson (1) as Bernie Scripps, David Lonsdale as David Stockwell, Nicholas Pritchard as Anthony Smythe

153"Dog Collar"5 November 2000 As Edith Benton has to leave for a family visit Greengrass and David get the job to lead her poodle through the Ashfordly Championship Dog Show. A couple of valuable candlesticks are stolen from the church and the Reverend's daughter is in love with a young man that her mother is hostile to.

NOTE: 13.68 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Michelle Totton as Karen Gibbs, Don Crann as Doctor, David Beames (1) as Rev Thomas Gibbs, Lesley Nightingale as Ruth Gibbs, Trevor Cooper as John Oakes, Jeannie Crowther as Mary Stevens, Rosalind Knight as Edith Benton, Stuart Farrell as Antique Shop Owner, Mary Dale as Judge 1, Henry Moxon as Judge 2, Joel Parry as Simon Cutler, Martyn Hainstock as Joe Cutler, David Lonsdale as David

154"Gabriel's Last Stand"12 November 2000 A retiring politician returns to his estate with his wife only to find out that his long time lover has moved in as neighbour and is now on friendly terms with his wife. He refuses to let a village party take place on his land even if it is an old tradition. Bellamy invites Gina to the cinema.

NOTE: 13.17 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Joanna David as Diana Firth, Colin Campbell (2) as Judd Holdsworth, Steve Money as Donald Snellgrove, Diana Kent as Jennifer Bennet, Anthony Schaeffer as Mr Hudson, William Russell (5) as Gabriel Firth

155"War Stories"19 November 2000 Very much to Blaketon's surprise some old Commando veterans arrives at Aidensfield Arms to salute Ventress, but a son to a fallen hero joins the party. An inventor who wants peace and quiet complains to the police of noise from the pub, and Greengrass most unwillingly experiences an alternative fishing method.

NOTE: 14.94 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: David Daker as Matty Lovell, Paul Opacic as Graham Rysinski, Andy Greenhalgh as Finton Blain, Georgie Glen as Sergeant Nokes, Kathleen Byron (1) as Molly Rysinski, Peter Geddis as Jim Healey, David Blair (1) as Charlie Penwarden, Steve Owen as Ralph Drake, Sonia Beinroth as Nurse Cathy, Simon Molloy as DI Shiner, Joe Simpson (2) as Gamekeeper

156"The Fool on the Hill"26 November 2000 Craddock's mother observes an assault through binoculars but the victim disappears. A strange theft takes place in a married couple's home as a guest is the only victim. Greengrass has a hot tip on a horse race.

NOTE: 13.86 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Joanne Heywood as Rachel Osborne, Julia Ford as Sandra Wilson, James Allen (3) as Dave Wilson, Murray McArthur as Charlie Osborne, Hayley Elliott as Lucy Osborne, Gwenllian Davies (1) as Enid Blunkett-Forbes, Sarah Thurston as Vet, Peter Benson (1) as Bernie Scripps

157"The Traveller"3 December 2000 Nat Cooper is a traveller. He and a friend unsuccessfully try an armed robbery and they soon leave each other on their own. Greengrass gets involved in organizing pony and trap races on open country roads.

NOTE: 13.62 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: David Essex as Johnny Lee, Bernard Wrigley as Brown, Anthony McGuinness as Peter Corcoran, Christine Parle as Fiona Egan, Peter Christian as Derek Egan, Damian Zuk as Nat Cooper

158"Child's Play"10 December 2000 Sue Driscoll surprises Bellamy with a sudden visit. Stanley Leroy and John Wilson are mystery guests at Aidensfield Arms. Edna, a psychic, warns that something terrible is going to happen and a headmaster is evasive about a boy's disappearance.

NOTE: 13.80 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Gloria Appleton as Tour Bus Passenger, Russ Abbot as Stanley Leroy, Michael N. Harbour as Headmaster, Keeley Forsyth as Sue Driscoll, Paul Opacic as Graham Rysinski, Martin Fisk as John Monks/Wilson, Stan Robinson (1) as Older Boy, Tom Hudson as Tom Carlton-Bamber, Jane Lowe as Mrs Edna Bostwick

159"Fallen Heroes"17 December 2000 A local cricket team volunteered at World War I and now their sole survivor of the battles refuses to pay taxes because their old club's house is to be demolished. A car is crashed in a single accident and lot of money disappears from the car, an soon someone helps the War veteran and his friends' families.

NOTE: 12.04 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Paula Bacon as Jenny Preston, Paul Opacic as Graham Rysinski, June Broughton as Hetty Roberts, Tony Broughton as Henry Todd, Ken Drury as James Fraser, Mike Kremastoules as Lomax, Gary Sefton as Danny Reese, Charlie Dickinson as Harold Carter, Joe O'Byrne as Roger

160"Cold Turkey"24 December 2000 A new bank manager is very unwilling to lend out money and his son moves away from home in sympathy with the empty-handed. Bellamy and Gina prepare expensive luxury as Christmas gifts to each other.

NOTE: This is Bill Maynard's (Claude Jeremiah Greengrass) last episode due to ill health.

11.16 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

This is Heartbeat's 6th Christmas episode.

Guest Stars: Johnny Caesar as Drunk in Cell, Crackerjack as Singing Quartet, David Beckett as Jack Dugdale, Emma Cleasby as Linda, Scott Taylor as Noel Stringer, Michael Begley as Chris Draycott, Lorraine Sass as Brenda Dugdale, Julie Corrigan as Wendy, Richard Walsh as Gordon Stringer, Alwyne Taylor as Molly Stringer, Jody Latham as Paula Dugdale

161"Sylvia's Mother"7 January 2001 Maggie Bolton has returned from her holiday with Graham Rysinsky. She helps Sylvia in taking care of her very sick mother. Jack, who wants to marry Sylvia, is very dissatisfied with her brother, Tony, who owns three 'Smith's and Chips'. When one of them is set on fire Jack is suspected. People in the village bid farewell to Maggie as she takes a job as carrying on as a Nurse in Whitby

NOTE: This is Kazia Pelka's (Maggie Bolton) last ever episode.

This episode was originally meant to be shown on 31st December 2000, but instead an episode of "Stars In Their Eyes" was show instead, making Heartbeat's next episode broadcast a week later.

13.70 Million tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Andrina Carroll as Gladys Smith, Paul Viragh as Tony Smith, Terence Beesley as Jack Hall, Janie Dee as Sylvia Smith, Sharon Maughan as Ursula Donne, Jaqueline Pilton as Landlady, Margaret Jackman as Freda Smith, Amy Rhiannon Worth as Paula Smith, Keith Ladd as Hotel Manager, Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly

162"Safe House"14 January 2001 Greengrass has a sister in the West Indies. She has won some money and she has invited him to a very long stay there. He has left his property and Alfred to David's protection. Vernon Scripps, Bernie's stepbrother, arrives, to Bernie's annoyance. However, Vernon grabs another possibility to stay in Aidensfield. The Bradleys get a dangerous and secret task.

NOTE: This is Geoffrey Hughes's (Vernon Scripps) & Claire Calbraith's (Tricia Summerbee's) first ever episode.

13.71 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: James Lauren (1) as Frost, Simon Coury as Prosecution Barrister, James Laurenson as Det. Ch. Supt. Tatton, Judi Jones (1) as Gwen, Georgie Glen as Sergean Nokes, Clare Calbraith as Dr Tricia Summerbee, Huw Higginson as Barry Ross

163"Blind Justice"21 January 2001 Craddock dates his dance teacher at the 'North Riding Police Dance' but her son is a ruthless fast speed driver. Bernie is off to Northallerton to comfort a widow, so Vernon and David takes the job to repair Lord Ashfordly's Bentley.

NOTE: 13.82 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Richard Roach as Richard Finlay, Caroline Payne as Susan Finlay, Mary Pickin as Sally Fenwick, James Masters as Jim Fenwick, Robert Pollard as Nicholas Fenwick, Lyn Roden as Pearl, Nicholas Fry as James Green, Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly, Clare Calbraith as Dr Tricia Summerbee, Esther Ruth Elliott as Miranda, Jon Oxendale as Haynes, Eugine Levine as DJ

164"Home Truths"28 January 2001 Edwina Lambert visits her daughter, Jackie, but she can not hide she is more keen on seeing some of her old friends, the Henderson's, who as employers neglect security duties. Vernon contacts a promoter of a pop concert to get a foot into catering.

NOTE: 13.06 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Susan Jameson as Edwina Lambert, Morag Hood as Shona Henderson, Andrew Dunn (1) as Jacob Fairbrother, Michelle Holmes (1) as Pamela Fairbrother, Mark Jameson as Quarry Worker, Robin Ellis as Joe Henderson, Liam Tobin as Mickey Willis, Aidan Trimble as Bouncer

165"Not So Special"4 February 2001 Peggy Barton reports strange occurrences at her farm to the police, and Vernon arranges a car race on public roads.

NOTE: 13.54 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Jean Alexander as Mrs. Barton, Ray L. Nicholas as Ted, Timothy Bateson as Jed Harrison, Geoffrey Wilkinson as Auctioneer, Eileen Davies as Glenda Marriot, Lee Chapman (1) as Harold Emney

166"The Long Weekend"11 February 2001 A Prince of Lithuania visits Lord Ashordly and Vernon is hired as bodyguard. Mike's niece and a friend visit the Bradleys who expect kids but get teenagers for the weekend.

NOTE: 13.69 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Julian Fellowes as Prince Nikolas, Peggy Lee Brennan as Tim, Chris Coghill as Des, Jim Sturgess as Robert, Sophie Carlton as Anne, Matthew Lewney as Kenny, Robert Jones (3) as Len, Amber Noble as Louise, Joe Simpson (2) as Reed, Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly

167"Who's Who?"18 February 2001 A car hits a man seriously. Vernon starts a marriage bureau. Gina tells Phil that she no longer loves him and so their relationship comes to an end. David receives a visit from a very irate husband.

NOTE: 13.15 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Emma Williams (1) as Susie Cope, Angela Douglas as Sonia Parkin, Iain Rogerson as Jim Cope, Trevor Heath as Colin Taylor, Donald Pickering as Andrew Parkin, David Nicholls (2) as Big Bo, Tina Gray as Alice, Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly

168"Gin a Body, Meet a Body"25 February 2001 Jack Fairley is released from prison and he immedeately seeks to give Edith Fairly a surprise visit. She shares the telephone number with Vernon and David who try to start a taxi service. Phil and Blaketon throw a gang of three youngsters out of Aidensfield Arms.

NOTE: Before playing the part of Rosie Cartwright, this is Vanessa Hehir's (Gail Smethurst) first appearance.

12.67 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Vicky Ogden as Edith Fairley, Matt Kennard as Gareth North, Jamie Cymbal as Telephone Engineer, Tom Walker as Vince Mitchell, Mark Lewis (1) as Jack Fairley, Frankie Jordan as Vera Read, Georgine Anderson as Minnie Bateson, Richard Moore (1) as Harry North, Steve Whyment as Record Shop Owner, Vanessa Hehir as Gail Smethurst

169"Killing Me Softly"4 March 2001 Blaketon's big dream is to own a MG sports car and Vernon contacts former business friend. Garrick steals false money notes from the nightclub where he works and is fired. Jackie has some concerns to considerate as Mike wants to become a father.

NOTE: 12.78 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Jan Graveson as Sheila Garrick, John Hartley as Max, David Hounslow as Garrick, Helen Grace as Denise, Christopher Bowen as Renalto, Michael Brogan as Dennis, Jeremy Clyde as Reggie, Josefina Gabrielle as Veronica, Clare Calbraith as Dr Tricia Summerbee

170"Unchained Melody"11 March 2001 Lady Patricia visits her brother Lord Ashfordly at Ashfordly Hall and Caroiine from London visits the Bradleys. Both bring surprises with them. A local post strike makes Vernon go into mail delivery and Bernie digs out an old motorbike of Greengrass's.

NOTE: 12.89 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Pete Ivatts as Farmer, Carol Royle as Lady Patricia Brewster, Victoria Scarborough as Caroline, Andrew Woodall as Lord Hal Tadcaster, Clare Calbraith as Dr Tricia Summerbee, Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly

171"Truth Games"18 March 2001 At a hotel a man defends a woman's honour but a few hours later he is charged with assault on her. David has not opened a bill for months because he has no money to pay them so Vernon decides David must get a job.

NOTE: 12.84 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode. It went head to head with the axed series Ballykissangel which brought in 4.5 Million viewers.

Guest Stars: John Griffin (2) as Humphrey Lettington, William Tapley as Adrian Miller, Stephen Chapman (1) as Russell, Roger Grainger as George Walker, John Draycott as Andrew Bryant, Sara Markland as Lisa Preston, Clare Calbraith as Dr Tricia Summerbee

172"Consequences"25 March 2001 Frank Metcalfe starts his van and a car bomb explodes. Lord Ashfordly's family church is in a very poor state and Vernon and David are hired to remove big and small items.

NOTE: 13.04 Million viewers tuned to watch this episode. It went head to head with the axed series Ballykissangel which brought in 4.4 Million viewers.

Guest Stars: Glynn Mills as Frank Metcalfe, James Faulkner as Ronald Meeks, Carl Cieka as Brian Tranter, Stephen Hartford as Major Forbes, Richard Graham as Pete Atkins, Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly, Clare Calbraith as Dr Tricia Summerbee

173"The Buxton Defence"1 April 2001 Lord Ashfordly arranges a chess exhibition with a visiting Russian teenage prodigy that attracts the attention both from the public and a burglar. Vernon is upset as Greengrass has decided to sell the house

NOTE: 12.19 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Peter Czajowski as Sychen, Carol Alexander as Mrs. Brown, Ben Towell as Alan Buxton, Billy Pearce as Arthur Buxton, Pauline Moriarty as Mrs Rogers, Philip Rowson as Ned Foy, Jalaal Hartley as Leonid Vorodin, Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly, Richard Hannant as Mr. Tomlinson, John Finn (1) as Zaikov, Stephen Hawksby as Mr Rogers, Jo Joyner as Anna Young

174"Still Water"8 April 2001 To impede Mike's criminal investigation a livestock auctioneer contacts Jackie as if to become her client, and Vernon tries to make water a money-spinning matter. Meanwhile, Jackie gives Mike the devastating news that she is leaving him for Adrian Miller, a former client.

NOTE: This is Fiona Dolman's (Jackie Bradley) last ever episode.

13.25 Million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Guest Stars: Paul Slack as Bill Dyer, Justine Adams as Cashier, Jacqueline Clarke (1) as Dilys Powell, Glen Kinch as Waiter, Keith Marsh as Wilf, Judi Jones (1) as Gwen, Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly, Simon Molloy as DI Shiner, John Nettles as Giles Sutton, William Tapley as Adrian Miller

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